Who We Are

PARA provides Workshops for our community to educate teachers, paraprofessionals, parents, and therapists who work with children & adults with developmental disabilities to help them understand effective Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) interventions. One of our missions is to bring in professionals in the field of ABA to our area, so our families, teachers and therapist don’t have to travel HUNDREDS of miles to get this information.
PARA is dedicated to effectively train individuals in the field of ABA who work with children & adults with developmental disabilities. Many people go to trainings and do not get the hands-on learning that is needed to learn how to implement these ABA interventions effectively and safely.
PARA wants to create Community Awareness in our area. We want to help create an environment where our families and loved ones feel safe and judgment free by educating our community public places such as; restaurants, gyms, healthcare facilities, shopping centers, public schools, and daycare facilities on developmental disabilities and helping the create a way they can help desensitize aversive social situations. We also want to hold events that our families and professionals can attend to learn more about developmental disabilities and come together as an organization and community to spread awareness
PARA is proud sponsor of Sensory Screenings!!!!  We have been doing sensory screenings for our community since January 2016 with our first movie being Star Wars: The Force Awakens. We have worked with United Artist/ IMAX/ Regal Cinemas to offer these unique movie experiences for those who are sensory sensitive. This is made possible by turning the house lights up, turning the sound down, so you can get up, dance, walk, shout or sing in a judgement free zone.